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The Importance of Having a Secure Password Manager Software

Passwords. They are the bane of so many users' existence. Yet, they're one of the only ways to secure and protect our accounts.


How are you managing your passwords now? Using a spreadsheet? Not very time efficient. Storing it in Google Chrome? Not recommended, as the passwords are not encrypted to the highest level possible.


Lastpass is our program of choice as we found it to be secure, convenient, efficient, and affordable. Besides for it being extremely safe, with strong encryption algorithms and multifactor authentication, here are some of the key features of this program:


1. Password Vault - This is where you will store all your usernames and passwords in an organized manner. You can also store other information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and driver's license information.


Password Vault


2. Autofill - Once you visit a site and add the credentials to your LastPass vault, the login credentials will automatically get filled in for you each time you visit the site.


3. Password Generator Tool - It is always recommended to avoid using weak, commonly used passwords. Weak passwords leave your sites vulnerable. LastPass can automatically generate a unique, strong password and then save it right to your vault.


4. Dark Web Monitoring - LastPass dark web monitoring checks your email addresses against a database of breached credentials to see if they have been involved in any breaches. If the dark web scan shows that an account has been compromised, you are sent an alert that tells you what account needs attention. You are then able to change your password for that account and hopefully prevent any data theft.


Check out their plans and pricing here. They have a free plan, premium plan, and family plan. LastPass’s free edition matches the capabilities of some paid password managers, while remaining easy to use so you may just want to stick to that. Disclosure: Oberlander & Co is part of affiliate program with LastPass.



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