Employee Retention Credit and PPP Eligibility Tool

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The SBA just opened PPP Round 2 and many business owners would like to take advantage and apply. Although you would like to obtain desperately needed funds as soon as possible, applying right now might be a mistake as you may miss out on a different available credit.


To maximize your benefits and determine your eligibility, follow these two-steps first!


Step 1:

Analyze if you are eligible for the Employee Retention Credit.


We have two options for you how to determine the eligibility. In the center-left of this page there is a DIY or “Do it yourself” option. This a  free tool provided where you input the applicable information and it will tell you whether or not you are eligible for this credit. If you feel more comfortable having one of our experienced team members at Oberlander & Co perform the analyzation, please select the option on the center-right of this page and follow the instructions. The fee for this service is $195.


Step 2:

Once you completed the analyzation, if the answer is “no” for the Employee Retention Credit, you can go ahead and apply for the PPP round 2 here.


If the answer is “Yes” for any quarter, Do not apply for the credit now. We advise you to be in touch with a reputable accountant that is well versed in the Employee Retention  Credit for further guidance. If you’d like to be notified if and when we will be offering our assistance with the Employee Retention Credit application process, please complete the form here.

ERC/PPP Tool – DIY (Free Option)

ERC/PPP – Let us help you!

Intake form for application to be notified about help  with the Employee Retention Tax Credit

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